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How to...Noise/Wind burst sounds in Oxygene2/Equinoxe4

Post Posted Fri May 17, 2013 2:40 pm

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millau wrote:The "noise/wind burst" like oxy2 and Equi4 is so simple to do. Play with ADSR until you find the "perfect white noise explosion". It is realy peanuts.
Yep, thanks. Actually it was also a problem of the plugin I used.
I got better noises now.
PS. the timing between the string and pluck section in your "oxygene part 2 replica" cover is not correct. It sounds not good, sorry.

PS2. There are also string chords in the final section of the original oxygene part 2. Your version (in the final) sounds empty. Bud maybe it is in progress.

A good start of a replica, bud for now 6/10.
yes, indeed the soundcloud file is old version now (january I think), and many things are different now (the sounds, the drums... almost everything :nod: ).
The string chords part in the final section actually was already there, but mixed too low perhaps to be clearly audible.

The other day I updated the thread with a snippet from new version, but in a new post...
not in the first post, sorry
(perhaps it's time I remove the soundcloud version now).
Yes, still work in progress.
I fixed also the timing you will referring to: I knew it was anticipated but I was always forgetting (laziness in reality :P ) of fixing it.
Thank you for notice it. :)

I think I had corrected it (at least is better now), but I had to adjust and move a lot of things, starting from the measure where the tempo changes (to 12/16 after beginning with 18/16) and just that was giving me some half (or smaller) measures positions here and there for Cubase parts start to change and fix notes inside.

Thanks for listening and for the help. :)

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