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Post Posted Mon May 31, 2021 6:45 am
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shadow wrote: Sun May 30, 2021 11:40 pm Soil Festivities is such a wonderful piece when it's raining outside. It just enhances the mood all the more.
Invisible Connections, it's just Beaubourg 2.0. There's probably a solid idea somewhere in there, but for a casual listen? Yeah, no...
I love Direct, it's such a fascinating album that goes all over the place. It's clearly not the typical approach he had to making music, but the results are great never the less.
The City is a wonderful piece of musical landscaping, although Nerve Centre is kind of... Weird combined with the rest?

I honestly understand why he started doing completely different things after Direct (I'd say The City fits in the sound scaping of Voices, Oceanic and El Greco), but man I wish he'd return to it or release some of the unreleased stuff from this period. Its really good stuff and I really enjoy nearly every second of it. He has admitted that there are albums that he has made and was planning on releasing, but those albums just never ended up happening for one reason or another. Opening up the vaults for this would be terrific. He has shown he's not that difficult with including (rare) tracks to new releases, so a release entirely made up of unreleased stuff could be interesting if he could find the motivation to do it. Different period, but I remember reading that Earth in specific was cut way down back in the day, I would do some genuinely terrible things to hear those tracks included.

And unrelated to those albums, where the hell is Juno to Jupiter!?
* Soil Festivities is one of the big V albums I still have on vinyl.

* Invisible Connections the big V has a low opinion on Beaubourg. He probably feels same about Invisible Connections. I passed as it's just mostly messing around with random sounds.

* One thing I appreciate about JmJ he places Musique concrète in context of structured songs as just another sound as part of a structured piece.
It's easy lazy to just have random sounds and call it "experimental" "Musique concrète"

*Good to See You from The City I still recall the lady gently laughing it's such a lovely aspect of this track.
Jan Hammer Miami Vice influences is overall on The City.

* Thing with Direct it's the big V's most Tangerine Dream sounding album : compositionally, sound choices : Direct sounds as Optical Race, Lily On the Beach, later Melrose.
Only Glorianna, Oracle of Apollo, Message from Direct sounds as V.

* Revolutions is so very different to Vangelis TDream of this era.
V, TDream remained well ​within traditional electronic music.
Revolutions went well beyond traditional electronic music.
Including World music (Revolution, September), Ambient Jazz (Tokyo Kid) this became a genre afterwards, Baroque rock (Industrial revolutions).

*​With the hundreds of the big V's unreleased tracks, so many of them would been in V's improvisational style I would say.

(If a person has the ability to play and improvise then to sound as a synth knockoff of the big V
I would say run an interesting sequence or interesting collage of sounds 5-10minutes.
Over this select 10 instruments to improvise :
2keys, 2strings, 1brass, 2sequences, 2synth leads, 1percussion).
Post Posted Mon May 31, 2021 10:06 am
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Making of Rosetta album.

My favourite part big V squeezing toy duck.
Post Posted Tue Jun 01, 2021 7:32 pm

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Unrelated to any of his album works, anyone by any chance have the 1974 Who single he released in decent quality? There\s this video, but this one and all others have the exact same audio quality and hope someone might by any chance have a high quality rip rather than all the same garbage rips :(

On the FFShrine forums they used to have the best dedicated Vangelis community that I ever came across, they shared anything among each other. But unfortunately that community died and I haven't found a single one of those members since :(
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Post Posted Tue Jun 01, 2021 9:30 pm

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I thing there was a 90s bootleg CD (Memoires vol 1 - Athens) with rare vinyl releases. I don't know if all the versions you heard come from that source, but I think that chance is high.
Post Posted Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:30 pm

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It wouldn't surprise me whatsoever if that's the source for the videos on YouTube. I'm considering getting the single and making a new rip, but €60, plus whatever shipment gets too expensive for me.
27-11-10: Ahoy Rotterdam
22-11-16: Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam
Post Posted Thu Jun 03, 2021 8:17 pm
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35.45 big V talking about loneliness
36.27 "to accept loneliness"

I really felt for big V. He is talking about himself.

As I was watching Memories of Green was playing on my record player.
Post Posted Wed Jul 21, 2021 12:24 am
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In analysing 70 years Electronic music 1947-2020
some interesting things have come to light.

Symphonic Electronica that inspired Vangelis.

It wasn't
Wendy Carlos 1968 Switched on Bach.
It wasn't
Isao Tomita 1974 Snowflakes Are Dancing, 1975 Pictures at an Exhibition.

These were synth workings of existing classical.

The Electronic musician that showed Vangelis
Yes you can compose new Electronic music Electro Symphonically

1975 May : Larry Fast Synergy : Electric Realizations for Rock Orchestra.

We can hear the difference before 1975 from Vangelis,
then later December 1975 Heaven and Hell has a type of Symphonic Electronica.
Then notably on his 1976 album Albedo 0.39 track Alpha.
The first time Vangelis does Symphonic Electronica as we would recognise is on Alpha,
that would mark his signature style, borrowed signature style.

The other Electronic musician that inspired Vangelis, changed Vangelis style in the 90s'
that would continue until now for Vangelis,
starting with his 1492 Conquest of Paradise soundtrack :

1986 Constance Demby : Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate

It is a modern Electronic classical album by Constance.
Notable for Constance playing on Emulator II emulations of  violas, violins, celli, bassoon, harp, organ, French horn, bells, electronic effects, tympani and choirs.

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