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Remastered Albums 2014 and 2015

Post Posted Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:27 pm

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Finaero wrote:Okay, so three bass notes between the flangered Minipops sample and the start of the lead instrument
No, three are ok, four are wrong :) The "flangered Minipops sample" (as you put it) occurs exactly at the half of a 4/4 measure, on the 5th bass note, so there are THREE remaining before the verse starts in the proper version. The "bad" version has an extra one.
means a mistake in the master?

As someone indicated on another thread the very first edition of the LP had RV4 mixed by Kevorkian, while other releases had it mixed by Geiss and Emerlin. My guess is that the second mix had always had this unnoticed mistake and it spread on all later releases until it was corrected for Images and further remasters.
Post Posted Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:11 am

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Whoops! Yeah, I meant four bass notes (but instead of listening to the versions I have, I just counted the three ones I saw after the flanger effect ;)).

So in conclusion, the Japanese LP includes the extra note:


(Images 1997 CD, Rendez-Vous 1997 CD and Rendez-Vous 1986 Japanese LP from top to bottom)

So yeah, while the extra note leans on the mistake side, I still think it's pretty neat, and definitely seems to be concrete evidence of two different mixes. ;)

... and at least it's completely seamless, unlike that 1997 duplicated part in Ethnicolor, which I didn't even really pay attention to until Dr. Jones pointed it out (the closest I ever got to was realizing that the Cities in Concert live version was shorter during that part than in the (1997) album version).
Post Posted Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:18 pm

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Dr_Jones wrote:
Jote wrote:
Dr_Jones wrote:Ethnicolor 1 in 1984: http://drjones.home.xs4all.nl/jarre/mp3 ... olor84.mp3

Ethnicolor 1 in 1997 (this is from the 2015 CD): http://drjones.home.xs4all.nl/jarre/mp3 ... olor97.mp3
Thanks. But... I don't really see any difference with regards to crossfading. In both instances the slow part fades out and in parallel the fast part fades in. What am I missing? The only difference is the extra bell sound at 0:12 which makes the slow part a couple of seconds longer.
In the pre-1997 releases, the 2nd part starts earlier compared to the 1997+ releases, which results in a longer, but incorrect, version for the latter releases. It's like the engineer forgot to push the play for the 2nd part.
Out of all the issues with the JMJ remasters etc this is one of the ones which irks me the most. Ethnicolor is my favourite JMJ track and Zoolook I've probably listened to more than any other JMJ album. When I first got the 1997 remaster 20 years ago this was the first thing I noticed. It actually ruins the whole track for me as the original version had a seamless transition from 6'40-7'10. Instead now you can hear the last bowed note of the strings keep re-looping as if its waiting for something to happen. And then the voice loop which fades in late then goes for an extra couple of beats before the brass fanfare comes in missing that well timed grunt in the original. (I actually wondered whether they had accidentally picked up an alternate preliminary master that had been laid aside). Since then for years I had hoped for a remaster of the 1985 reissue of the album which I consider the most perfect version or even the 1984 original without the alterations. Was very disappointed when I heard the 2014 remaster had the same edits.
Post Posted Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:28 pm

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Dr_Jones wrote:The excessive reverb on the Revolution title track, Rendez-Vous being too fuzzy and the pitich-bending glitch at the start of RV2 (starts after the 0:16 mark), the way they mixed Chrono 1.1 and 1.2 (is there some kind of silence there?), the solo at the end of Chrono 2 which is too quiet, Chrono 3's too fuzzy and the clocks are suddenly very very loud, Chrono 4's glitch at 2:09, Chrono 8 has the Swatch alarm timed totally wrong (WTF is up with that??? weren't they using the right tapes?), Calypso 3's drums are too thin and something they did with the fade-out, like they put a lot of white noise with it.

Yeah, they are top-notch-work. Everyone should be happy with what they did.
Chronologie another favourite of mine. I heard about the glitch in Chr4 when the first batch of Sony remasters came out in 1997. (Fortunately I already had the original Polydor). I presumed that Sony would correct it with subsequent presses of the CD. Did this ever happen?

As for the 2015 remaster – I thought they would take the opportunity to correct it. I checked the latest remastered version of Chr4 on YouTube just now and can hear the missing beat after the kick drum roll. I had a listen to the other oddities you mentioned on the other tracks on the album and they are so bad its almost unbelievable. Seems they've been tinkering with the multitrack. Another ruined classic.
Post Posted Sat Nov 27, 2021 10:27 pm

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Will never understand how Dadwater could destroy the string arrangements of GOL 1 and 2.
Has JM heared the phenomenal result?
Post Posted Sat Nov 27, 2021 10:58 pm

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Ha, I doubt it, just like the Rendez-Vous glitch.
Post Posted Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:19 pm

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And nobody could reach him or the management?
Post Posted Sun Dec 12, 2021 10:00 pm

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I honestly doubt they'd bother getting the message to him. The mans work has been wrecked with remasters and it's best to just get the original releases and never bother with any of the remasters.
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