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Teraz Rock - December 2022

Post Posted Tue Dec 06, 2022 1:14 pm
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Jean-Michel Jarre wants to create a new form of hybrid concerts

Jean-Michel Jarre has new ideas on how to revitalize the concert industry. Will he be able to achieve them?

Jean-Michel Jarre is famous for his innovative ideas presented at concerts. For some time, the artist has been experimenting with virtual reality, and his new album, "Oxymore", is a pretext for further exploration.

In an interview for Teraz Rock conducted by Jacek Nizinkiewicz, Jarre reveals plans for new concerts:

"I will try to bring my latest music live. I would like to create hybrid concerts. Physical concerts in the real world that could be experienced by watching visuals in the virtual world. Covid almost killed the concert industry. An alternative must be found. You can experience concerts at home, connecting and receiving them using special glasses, headphones and speakers like a virtual reality full of effects. Thanks to this, the geographic or health barrier in reaching the concert will disappear. I created Oxyville - a VR world, thanks to which the fan can even have direct contact with the artist through his avatar. I practiced it at my concerts. It works! I look to the future with excitement."

Source: https://www.terazmuzyka.pl/jean-michel- ... koncertow/
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