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Post Posted Thu Nov 10, 2022 8:55 pm

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I could request them sending it as a gift, but these days for Europe the chance is small that it'll slip through. Plus, if CDJapan delivers in a perfect fashion, than I'll try it later on with something that I'll actually want to send as a gift :P
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Post Posted Mon Nov 14, 2022 8:57 pm

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I received my copies, listened to them (and ripped them afterwards) and there's some good, average and bad news.

Let's get the bad news out of the way, the original LP/CD releases are still the best way to go about listening to these albums. The new releases are a lot louder and checking the volume, it seems to be overall a good 8/10 dB louder and there's a lot of compression going on to prevent clipping. The average news, there's a lot more noise, but this seems to come with the plus side that certain sounds seem to be reproduced a bit better. The chimes throughout Pulstar sound (to me anyway) ever so slightly better. But it's a bit of a toss up if you prefer that in exchange for the added noise and louder volume.
The good: THE SINGLES! Although it sounds like To The Unknown Man Part II is from the same source as the 2013 remaster, the rest are (as far as I'm aware) brand new to the digital era and some seems to just barely manage to go unscathed from the loudness, others have a bit less fortune, and much like the rest of the albums, noise is very much still a thing even on the singles. But there seems to be no nonsense with these releases, no odd and obvious edits, no added reverb or other effects, and seemingly no errors (unlike the Delectus Boxset which featured a ton of these to the point of detriment). If you enjoy the singles, get these, if you don't care about those, well... Just stick with the (really aged, but still completely decent) original releases, be it LP or CD.

Heaven and Hell DR value:

Code: Select all

DR7	 0.00 dB	-11.80 dB	22:07 01-Heaven And Hell Part 1
DR9	 0.00 dB	-13.97 dB	21:19 02-Heaven And Hell Part 2
DR12	-0.98 dB	-17.23 dB	3:31 03-So Long Ago, So Clear (Single Edit Version)
DR10	-0.08 dB	-14.94 dB	2:06 04-Heaven And Hell Theme (Single Edit Version)
Albedo 0.39 DR value:

Code: Select all

DR8	 0.00 dB	-11.92 dB	5:45 01-Pulstar
DR14	-3.32 dB	-20.69 dB	2:16 02-Freefall
DR11	-4.55 dB	-19.21 dB	1:47 03-Mare Tranquillitatis
DR9	 0.00 dB	-11.24 dB	8:12 04-Main Sequence
DR11	-6.59 dB	-21.07 dB	1:59 05-Sword of Orion
DR9	 0.00 dB	-12.89 dB	5:46 06-Alpha
DR9	 0.00 dB	-11.33 dB	5:57 07-Nucleogenesis Part 1
DR8	 0.00 dB	-9.65 dB	6:13 08-Nucleogenesis Part 2
DR12	-3.10 dB	-19.52 dB	4:28 09-Albedo 0.39
DR8	-0.01 dB	-12.76 dB	3:48 10-Pulstar (Single Edit Version)
DR8	 0.00 dB	-11.88 dB	3:54 11-Alpha (Single Edit Version)
Spiral DR value:

Code: Select all

DR9	 0.00 dB	-12.29 dB	6:58 01-Spiral
DR11	 0.00 dB	-16.48 dB	8:31 02-Ballad
DR11	 0.00 dB	-12.40 dB	5:18 03-Dervish D
DR10	 0.00 dB	-12.96 dB	9:07 04-To The Unknown Man
DR10	 0.00 dB	-13.76 dB	9:42 05-3+3
DR10	-0.15 dB	-13.40 dB	4:15 06-To The Unknown Man (I) (Single Edit Version)
DR11	-0.16 dB	-15.58 dB	2:32 07-To The Unknown Man (II) (Single Edit Version)
DR12	 0.00 dB	-13.12 dB	3:04 08-Dervish D (Single Edit Version)
DR11	-0.03 dB	-13.97 dB	3:09 09-3+3 (Single Edit Version)
27-11-10: Ahoy Rotterdam
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Post Posted Mon Nov 14, 2022 11:05 pm

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Heh, I was checking the elsew.com site to see if they have something on these new releases, but they just updated their site with this:
André Kuipers' film BEYOND is a tribute to his good friend Vangelis

On October 19, 2023, the film BEYOND, with which astronaut André Kuipers makes his directorial debut, will premiere. This unique musical movie experience shows the infinite beauty of the Earth from space through the eyes of the spacefarer. André dedicates BEYOND to his good friend Vangelis, who passed away in the spring. Until his death, the world-famous Greek musician, composer, songwriter and producer - known for among others famous film scores for Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander - was musically involved with Kuipers' special film project with great enthusiasm. In BEYOND, image and music connect seamlessly and provide an unprecedented cinema experience for young and old.

The film BEYOND contains no less than 40 different tracks from Vangelis' rich oeuvre. “In the choice of music, I was solely guided by the musical emotion that best loaded the scene,” says Kuipers. The astronaut drew on Vangelis' complete oeuvre that spans six decades. “Vangelis loved the fact that we chose music from the whole spectrum of his works.“

The famous composer was closely involved in the creation of BEYOND. André Kuipers: “The best moment was when he called me after seeing the umpteenth edit. "André, this is fantastic!", he called out on the phone. "I am so very happy, you make my day!" When we reviewed the latest edit at his home, the film was 95% finished. Although unfortunately he can no longer see the end result, I am very happy and grateful that we have come this far together."

Kuipers first became acquainted with Vangelis' music in the documentary series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan. As a great fan of Vangelis, the astronaut took his musical work with him on his two space missions. “Listening to the captivating Vangelis sounds as I floated through the space station and looked out made the experience very intense. I would like to share that special feeling with others.”

Onboard the ISS, the astronaut first became personally acquainted with the composer. “ESA and NASA arranged for me to have a live conversation with Vangelis from the space station. He was sitting at his piano in London at the time, playing for me. I took him to the window to look out and see our Earth. It was an unforgettable experience that made a big impression on both of us.” Once back on Earth, the astronaut and the composer met in person. "Ever since we saw each other a few times a year at his home, where the visit often lasted until the early hours," says Kuipers. "Vangelis's fascination with the universe was enormous."

More information about Vangelis' music can be found at http://elsew.com
About the movie

The new film BEYOND is a unique film experience with a special role for Vangelis' music. The soundtrack contains works that are very dear to Kuipers. “Music plays a crucial role in this film experience”, André Kuipers assures. “The audience takes on the role of an astronaut for an extraterrestrial experience. You can't get any closer to my own experience in space.”

BEYOND will premiere in the Netherlands on October 19, 2023. The film is produced by SpacePlays, M&N Media Group with the makers of films such as The New Wilderniss and Wild Amsterdam. M&N Film Distribution will be handling the distribution.
About André Kuipers

The space adventure of medical doctor and astronaut André Kuipers started at the age of twelve when he received science fiction books from his grandmother. He was sure: one day he would view the Earth itself from space. His entire career has been devoted to space travel.

André was selected as an astronaut by ESA in 1998. After years of training, he flew his first mission to the International Space Station in 2004. Mission DELTA lasted eleven days. Much too short, André thought. He wanted nothing more than to go back to space to live and work there for a longer period of time. In December 2011, André left Earth again for a 193 day stay in space, the longest European spaceflight to that date. He regularly appeared in the media to let as many people as possible enjoy his experiences up there. Now he still does that with performances and lectures worldwide. In addition to being a speaker, André is also an ambassador for various charities such as the WWF, the Red Cross and the Emma Children's Hospital. He promotes science and technology among young people as an ambassador of the Technology Pact and is co-initiator of the educational school program SpaceBuzz. André is a member of the Palace Committee, a member of the Supervisory Board of the KNMI and a board member of the international Association of Space Explorers.
Post Posted Mon May 22, 2023 9:50 am

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A new 2 LP remaster of Direct (incidentally one of my top favorite Vangelis albums) has been released:
https://www.discogs.com/release/2707543 ... lis-Direct

Seems to be in the same series as the 2020 Spiral remaster which was pretty good.
Post Posted Thu May 25, 2023 9:08 pm

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Huh, two LP? Original release was a single record iirc and two of the tracks were CD exclusive. Seems like a pretty cool little release!
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