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Electronic Trance

Post Posted Sun Sep 04, 2022 3:19 pm
plate of chips

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Trance as we are aware goes back thousands years.
From first repetitive chants to first repetitive drumming.
Also Shamanism.

Electronic Trance which has it's birth in Berlin School, has its roots in

*1956 Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
aka Dick Raaijmakers' : Song of The Second Moon

1958 Tom Dissevelt Orbit Aurora : was a hit in Germany.

Here we realise where Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream very well heard of Tom and Dick.

*1960 ish Daphne Oram's Oramics Bird of Parallax

9min51 to 12min01 is Trance
(3min27 to 5min11 a type of Techno without beats).

*1969 Terry Riley : A Rainbow in Curved Air

Influenced :
1973 Kraftwerk Ralf und Florian album;
1974 Tangerine Dream Phaedra Sequences style, Soloing style that birthed Berlin School that birthed Trance.

*1971 Tonto's Expanding Head Band : Zero Time

Opening track Cybernaut has Trance Berlin School : synth sequence with soloing.

*1974 Tangerine Dream : Phaedra.

Trance of Berlin school the signature Tangerine Dream style :
synth solos over subtly shifting electronic sequences.

1974 Edgar Froese album Aqua tracks Panorphelia, NGC 891 are Berlin school.

Phaedra Berlin school influential upon Trance of :
1975 Klaus Schulze Picture Music, 1975 Timewind (Bayreuth Return), 1976 Moondawn;
1976 Ash Ra NewAge of Earth first track Sunrain;
1978 Michael Hoenig Departure from the Northern Wasteland title track;
1982 Steve Roach Now, 1983 Traveller.

*1975 Suzanne Ciani Buchla Concerts

Hypnotic Trance.

*1981 Manuel Gottsching : E2-E4
Balearic Trance.
A decade before Balearic Ibiza Trance of mid 1990s.

Influenced Steve Reich's 1987 Electric Counterpoint part I.

(E2-E4 was played in 1981/82 the Paradise Garage in New York, the prototype dance club by DJ Larry Levan).

*1981 Klaus Schulze : Trancefer

Klaus would name it Trance.
1988 Klaus Schulze : En=Trance

*1988 Jean Michel Jarre : Revolution

Would influence the first recognised Trance track of the genre by the KLF : 1989 What Time Is Love Pure Trance 1.
Prior to Jarre's Revolution, KLF were making HipHop, Pop and House
(as The Jam's : Justified Ancients of Mu Mu
1987 album What the f is Going On
and House, Pop on 1988 Who Killed the Jam's.
1988 Burn The Bastards their first single as KLF is House).

*1989 KLF began labeling their remixes Trance
What Time Is Love Pure Trance 1

Using as its main theme a sample from 1973 Jesus Christ Superstar Overture guitar riff

composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice then synthesises this riff.

KLF would usher in Trance genre.
Post Posted Thu Sep 08, 2022 1:27 pm

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Regarding that KLF-track....

Check out Anne Clark's 1984 single Our Darkness:

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